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18/19 Season


Production: BE FESTIVAL (Birmingham European Festival)
October 23 - 24, 2015
Viernes y sábado, 20:30 h.


"The Best of the Birmingham European Festival at the Corral"

Over a period of six years, the BE FESTIVAL (Birmingham European Festival) has become a veritable point of reference in the United Kingdom, presenting new interdisciplinary projects that encompass the most innovative stage arts throughout Europe. Featuring a program that goes out on tour every autumn around the leading theatres of England, including London's Barbican and Manchester's Lowry Theatre, the "Best of the BE Festival" will come to Alcalá de Henares for the third consecutive year.

Theatre-goers will be treated to three of the best shows of the year, all on the same night: The Whistle by Squarehead Productions (Ireland), Locus Amoenus by ATRESBANDES (Spain) and Beating McEnroe by Jamie Wood (United Kingdom). Each work lasts half an hour. There will be an intermission and, at the end of each evening, a session in which the companies meet the audience. This event offers a unique opportunity to see the best of Europe's up-and-coming stage arts on a single night.

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